windows inviteWindows 9 has been tipped to be the next major revision that Microsoft is said to be making to the Windows franchise. So far we’ve seen leaked photos and videos of the upcoming software, and in fact Microsoft China had not too long ago accidentally revealed the logo of Windows 9 as well.

Last we heard, Microsoft is set to make the announcement on the 30th of September. Well the good news is that if you weren’t particularly sold on Windows 8 and you’re hoping the next Windows will do the trick, you’re in luck because Microsoft has since sent out invites to an event that they will be hosting on the 30th of September.

As you can see in the image above, the invite clearly states that this will be a Windows-related event. While it’s not a guarantee that it will be about Windows 9, given the previous rumors, it does seem too good to be a coincidence. The invite also talks about the enterprise so perhaps we could be looking at ways of how Windows 9 will be useful for businesses.

We should point out that Microsoft will not be releasing Windows 9 at the event. The release will probably be taking place later next year, or so the rumor claims, but perhaps Microsoft could give us a more concrete date to look forward to. Either way if you’re curious to see what Windows 9 has to offer, do check back with us then for the details.

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