minecraft-xboxoneIt seems that the console ports for Mojang’s hugely popular Minecraft titles have yet to arrive, despite plenty of anticipation in that particular direction, but thankfully, there has been progress made on the updates where the three console versions are concerned – basically for the Sony PS Vita, the Sony PS4 and the Xbox One from Microsoft.


4J Studios is the console developer for Minecraft, and they decided to take the Twitter route to share on what is happening to the seemingly “missing” ports. First of all, the Sony PS Vita version which was tipped to arrive later this September, but there was no formal date attached to it, so we still have no idea on what is going to happen to that particular port.

As for the current generation Sony PS4 version of Minecraft, it has been thwarted by a failed certification process, but at the very least it has returned for another round of testing, now how about that? Last but not least, there is also the Xbox One version (to be fair, of course) that is currently in its final certification process – so keep your fingers crossed that things will turn out well eventually. Well, I always believe that it is better to play the patience card and wait for a software that will not be gimped, compared to a rushed release that contains plenty of errors.

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