apple logoThere is no smoke without any fire, or so the saying goes. However, there are times when rumors just appear for the sake of rumors, simply because a particular product is deemed to be so good, that there needs to be some bad mouthing done by its rivals. For instance, some of the most upright people in the past have been victims of gossip, which comes with the territory. Having said that, we do wonder whether the world is ready to embrace a larger sized iPad – one that dances to the tune of the 12.9” iPad Pro, of course.

Rumors of the iPad Pro have been circulating for quite some time already, although there has been no concrete release date attached to it, with early 2015 being touted by certain quarters to be its official unveiling. Since we are about to enter into the fourth quarter of the year, it makes sense to be more prepared as to what Apple might roll out on the tablet front next year, don’t you think so? Hopefully the iPad Pro will not be so malleable as the larger sized iPhone 6 Plus.

Word on the street has it that the iPad Pro will roll out alongside a 3rd generation iPad mini later in Q2 2015, sporting 2GB RAM and an upgraded A8X processor, which is a big deal since the “X” variants of Apple processors tend to come with the ability to boost GPU performance. Ah well, only time will be able to tell, so sit tight and wait for future developments!

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