mota_smart_ring-8When it comes to receiving notifications, we have phones, tablets, smart bands, and even smartwatches, but what if you wanted something a little more subtle? What if those smart bands or smartwatches clashed with your fashion sense? Well if you wanted something less obvious, then perhaps the Mota Smart Ring could be the accessory for you.

As you can see in the image above, the Mota Smart Ring is basically a ring that is worn around your finger. It will feature a tiny display will be able to deliver information directly to your finger, such as the time, notifications from Facebook, Twitter, your email, or when you have a call coming in.

For the most part it seems that the notifications are pretty intuitive as they are based on images that we’re sure most of you guys are familiar with by now. The ring will also not just display information, but it will also be able to alert the user with via sound or tactile feedback, which presumably means vibrations.

We have to admit we like its simplicity and its stylish nature. It will come in either midnight black or pearl white, but unfortunately pricing and availability have yet to be revealed. Mota is expected to share additional details about their Smart Ring at IFA this week, so do check back with us later to see if there is any newer information that can be had.

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