how-to-plex.step.027You know the drill – due to the powers of inflation in a free market, the cost of living continues to increase in due time, where the growth outstrips that of your purchasing power, which means things are a whole lot more expensive than before, requiring you to be more prudent with your spending unless you are able to outrace inflation. Plex has just announced that new Plex Pass subscribers will have to pay more from September 29, 2014 onward.

Existing Plex Pass subscribers need not worry, since an effort to reward your loyalty, Plex will not be increasing the price of your subscription. In other words, now would be the best time to sign up for an upgrade if you have been thinking about it for the longest time, as it would be one of your final chances to subscribe at current rates.

This coming September 29 would be when changes to the Plex Pass subscription rates are applied when it comes to new subscribers. Monthly Plex Pass subscriptions will get a $1 increase each month, while Annual Plex Pass subscriptions will see an increase from $29.99 to $39.99 annually. Those who prefer to pay right from the get go will see Lifetime Plex Passes go through a doubling in price, starting from $74.99 to $149.99. [Press Release]

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