Plex May Soon Offer Ad-Supported Movies And Subscriptions

Plex is a service that some of you might be familiar with for those who want to be able to stream movies from their own collection to their other devices. In fact you’re not familiar with Plex, basically they have created tools that allow users to create their own server in which they can then stream movies from that server to their phones and computers, kind of like your own […]

Plex Selling Discounted Tidal Subscription

Plex, a popular media center app, has teamed up with music streaming service Tidal to offer its Plex Pass subscriptions access to the over 60 million tracks and 244,000 music videos in Tidal’s library. It’s now offering several competitively priced deals which combine a subscription to Tidal with a Plex Pass. For those who are unaware, Plex Pass is the company’s own subscription service which offers features like recording from […]

Plex Announces Plans To Sunset More Features

The other day Plex announced that they would be shutting its Plex Cloud service down. For those unfamiliar, Plex’s Cloud service is where instead of users having to setup their own server to stream from, they can use Plex’s own server. Unfortunately it seems that Plex isn’t quite done with shutting down features.

Plex’s Cloud Service Will Be Shutting Down

If you’re looking to be able to stream video content from your home to another device while on the go, Plex is probably the system for you. In a way you could think of it as your own personal Netflix with video content that you control and customize according to your own likings and preferences.


Plex VR Lands On Gear VR And Oculus

Plex launched its Plex VR app in January this year. However, it was only made available for Google’s Daydream platform, which some of you might be aware isn’t the dominant VR platform. There are others such Facebook’s Oculus (which is the Gear VR’s software platform) and those who are on this platform will now be happy to hear that the Plex VR app has been released for Gear VR and […]

Latest NVIDIA Shield TV Update Adds Commercial-Free Recording Support

If you’re not a fan of the Apple TV, not to worry because Google has Android TV and several OEMs have come up with their own Android TV boxes, with NVIDIA being one of them with the Shield TV device. In fact if you own the Shield TV, you’ll be pleased to learn that NVIDIA has recently pushed out an update for it that brings about several new features.

Plex VR On Daydream Launched

Plex has launched a new way to consume your locally-stored media content and that too in virtual reality. It has announced the launch of Plex VR on Google’s Daydream virtual reality headset today. The good news is that the base package doesn’t require a Plex Plass subscription so all users will be able to get a taste of this virtual reality experience.

Plex For Android Auto Brings Seamless Media Integration To The Car

Car manufacturers are great at building cars (who would’ve guessed, right?), but they aren’t that great at developing nice media control interfaces. Besides, every car manufacturer has their own take on a media interface so there’s no uniformity. Fortunately, the tech companies decided to step in a few years ago and launched extensions of their mobile operating systems for the car, namely CarPlay and Android Auto. Plex today announced its […]

Plex Live TV Service Launched For Roku

Plex today announced that it’s bringing its Live TV service to Roku. It already has support for Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV. Support for Roku’s devices was missing, it was hard to miss that fact initially. The wait ends for Roku device owners soon as the Plex Live TV service is finally going to be released for this platform.

Ad-Supported News Streaming Now Live In Plex

Plex has launched a new service today called Plex News. It’s calling it the “perfect complement to your media library.” Plex News will bring streaming news clips from some of the most trusted news sources on the planet. The clips will be presented beautifully alongside users’ own media. Plex will enable users to personalize their news feed so that the feed news what sort of news the user is most […]

Plex Cloud Available To All Plex Pass Users Now

Plex Cloud was launched in September last year. The feature allows Plex users to store their media content in the cloud instead of having to configure the server on a local computer or a NAS setup. The feature has been in beta since then but it’s now exiting that stage. Plex has announced that Plex Cloud is now available to all of its Plex Pass subscribers.

Plex Acquires Watchup, A Streaming News Service

Plex is widely known as the streaming media app that enables users to easily organize their media content and stream it to all of their devices. It’s now branching into the world of streaming video. The company today announced that it has acquired Watchup, a streaming news service. The company says that this is an important milestone for Plex in its mission to become the go-to standard for discovering, enjoying, […]

Plex Amazon Cloud Drive Support Ends December 31st

Plex Cloud enables Plex users to play media they have saved in a cloud storage service. When it was first announced, Plex said that Amazon Cloud Drive was the first storage service that this feature supported. It’s also the first service that it’s dropping support for. Plex Amazon Cloud Drive support is going to end come December 31st.

Plex Media Player Goes Free, Official Add-On For Kodi Launched

Plex Media Player has constantly been improved ever since it was launched and now it’s getting even better. A proper desktop mode has been launched for the Plex Media Player which will let users switch to TV UI as easily as going full-screen, they will also be able to continue using the mouse and keyboard. That’s not even the best part, Plex Media Player is now available for download absolutely […]