polaroid-socialmaticAh, the name Polaroid itself does conjure up images (pardon the pun) of instant photos that used to be plenty of fun, and is finding its way back to being in vogue at cocktail parties as well as photo booths at weddings. Earlier this year at CES 2014, the Polaroid Socialmatic camera was announced, but there does not seem to have any kind of release date attached to it back then. Things have changed (for the better, I might add) with word that this camera will go on sale some time early next year, where it ought to retail for $300 thereabouts, assuming it will cost 300 Euro across the pond.

Just a little bit of refresher for those who are not too sure at what the Polaroid Socialmatic camera delivers – it will let you print photos on the fly, employing a modern way of doing so thanks to its zero ink printer that churns out a 2″ x 3″ photo in under a minute. Apart from that, it will be powered by the Google Android operating system, sport Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity which will allow you to upload photos straight to the digital world via channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In front likes a 14MP shooter alongside a 2MP selfie camera that is located on the same side as that of the touchscreen, which means it packs quite a mean punch. Will this crossover from the digital to the corporeal world take off? Only time is able to tell.

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