ps-vita-slim-review-11With more and more gamers starting to turn towards their mobile devices like their smartphones and tablets for gaming, we guess there are less reasons now to get a dedicated handheld gaming console, unless of course there are specific or exclusive titles that you had your eye on.


That being said, what does this mean for handheld consoles like the PS Vita? Well if you’re a PS Vita gamer and are worried about its future, fret not because Sony has said that the PS Vita isn’t going anywhere. This is according to Sony UK chief Fergal Gara who spoke to the folks at Eurogamer.

Gara points out that the Vita isn’t going anywhere and that later this month, the company has plans to release a PS Vita bundle with FIFA 15, not to mention popular game Minecraft is expected to make its way onto the console as well. He also adds that the PS Vita is enjoying a year-on-year growth at the moment, and in some ways it is thanks to the PS4’s Remote Play functionality.

“It’s trucking along. It’s currently in year-on-year growth and enjoying a healthy year, and it’s about to hit its biggest and potentially most powerful release of the year, which is Minecraft. That could be an extraordinary release for Vita.” In fact Nintendo themselves have recently released refreshed Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL consoles, so for now it certainly doesn’t seem like the handheld console scene will be dying anytime soon.

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