Minecraft, a popular sandbox title, will soon be making its way to a handful of consoles including the PlayStation Vita. Fans of this title might have wondered how it would look like shrunk down for portable gaming. Fortunately Sony has released footage which shows just how Minecraft for PlayStation Vita looks, so go ahead and take a look, see if you find it appealing.

4J Studios, which is handing Minecraft’s development for consoles, has already confirmed that the title will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. No concrete release dates have been revealed as yet though it is believed that the title will land on PS4, Xbox One and the PlayStation Vita before the end of this month.

The developer tweeted recently that bug fixing on the PS4 version has finished and now its working on the same for Xbox One and PlayStation Vita. No timeframe was offered, but barring any unforeseen kinks, the process shouldn’t take too long.

Minecraft for PlayStation Vita will support Cross-Buy with Minecraft for PlayStation 3. Once gamers have purchased it they can pay a small fee to upgrade to the PS4 version. This courtesy is also extended to gamers who wish to upgrade from Xbox 360 edition to Xbox One.

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