Earlier in the month of August this year, we did mention that the Resident Evil series will be getting a new remastered version across different kind of current generation consoles, and in that particular confirmation, multiple platforms will “benefit” from this effort. I guess this is one way of milking the Resident Evil franchise for all that it is worth, especially when you take into consideration the higher level of firepower that modern day consoles have. Well, here we are with the latest Resident Evil 2015 HD remaster trailer and boy does it look stunning!


I would suppose that modern day graphical capabilities would enable you to enjoy the old school scares in a far more realistic setting than ever before, and Capcom intends to bring back those memories of yore in the remastered Resident Evil 2015 HD version. In other words, this is a remaster of a remastered version, where the latter is actually a remake of the 2002 HD version. Needless to say, you can also take a trip down memory lane with the option to revert to the 2002 visuals, now how about that? At least for next year’s version, there will be a full analog stick movement scheme thrown into the mix. Looks like there is plenty of Resident Evil goodness to look forward to next year!

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