Ahead of Apple’s official announcements on the 9th of September yesterday, the company played a couple of videos at the start which basically expounds on some of Apple’s values and principles, and more or less congratulating customers for being part of it. It was an interesting video with some interesting effects, but it seems that not everyone was thrilled about it.

According to reports, rock band OK Go seems to think that Apple ripped off their music video concept with the introduction video. For those who haven’t seen the video, it is above for your perusing pleasure. You can also check out OK Go’s music video below. Both videos take advantage of the perspective trick which has definitely been done many times before, so why does OK Go think that Apple ripped them off?

Speaking to Businessweek, OK Go’s manager Andy Gershon claims that the band had initially pitched the idea to Apple in hopes that both the band and Apple could work together. However Apple declined the band’s offer and OK Go went ahead and made the video anyway, a video which won them the best visual effects award.

Gershon goes on to state that Apple had hired the same production company and director they used for their video, which is why the band feels that Apple might have stolen their video concept. While there are certainly some similarities, we can’t be sure if Apple had blatantly stole OK Go’s concept or if it was just a happy coincidence, but what do you guys think?

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