Can you say that Rovio is a one hit wonder with their Angry Birds franchise? Sure, the franchise might have been around for quite some time now, and new generations of children continue to get smitten by the idea of flinging birds against green pigs to destroy them in a puff (where else are we going to get our bacon from anyways?), and on the back of such success, it can be pretty challenging trying to break free from its past success with new releases. Hopefully the latest iOS title from Rovio, known as Plunder Pirates, will be able to change such a conception

Rovio’s Plunder Pirates happens to be a MMO strategy game which is inspired by Clash of Clans, where the latter happens to be one of the most successful games in 2013 that ran on the iOS and Android platforms. Right now, Plunder Pirates would be available only on iOS in select countries, and Android as well as Windows Phone users will just need to play the patience card until 2015 in order to obtain this particular title.

While Plunder Pirates is developed by Midoki, the Rovio Stars division happened to be the one publishing it, so indirectly this is not a true blue Rovio game. Plunder Pirates might be free to download, but you will only be able to gain maximum enjoyment from the title via in-app purchases.

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