Earlier this month we picked up on a rumor about the future of Samsung’s laptop business. We know that it has been a considerable time since Samsung has launched a new laptop, which is why there’s speculation these days about whether or not the company is planning to stay in the game as far as laptops are concerned. Well we now know for sure that at least in one region, Europe to be precise, Samsung is indeed throwing in the towel on its laptop business.

A Samsung spokesperson told PC Advisor that this decision is specific to the European region, adding that “We quickly adapt to market needs and demands. In Europe, we will be discontinuing sales of laptops including Chromebooks for now.” The spokesperson did point out that this doesn’t necessarily mean Samsung will be giving up on laptops in other regions as well.

Its no secret that the global PC market has been under considerable pressure. Even Sony decided to get out as it spun off and subsequently sold its Vaio business. Samsung has only discontinued sales at this point in Europe and doesn’t indicate and overall shut down of its laptop business.

Even though this decision is limited to Europe its not like the company has been pumping out new laptops every month in other regions around the world. The company may just have taken time off to go back one step and further evaluate market conditions before it decides to spend more money on creating new laptops.

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