It happens ever so often that you’re caught without ample charge on one of your devices. Since most of us carry multiple devices its not that hard to forget to charge one of them. What if there was a way to transfer some power from one of your devices to the other? Samsung’s new Power Sharing cable is the answer. It will allow you to transfer power directly from selected devices such as the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Tab S to any device that’s compatible with micro-USB.

Only Samsung’s latest Android devices are compatible with the Power Sharing cable, these include Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Avant, Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 as well as the Galaxy Tab S 8.4. Samsung Galaxy S4 supports the cable as well.

What’s important to note is that the device which needs to be charged doesn’t necessarily have to be made by Samsung. Since micro-USB is pretty much the standard option on almost all phones, tablets and smartwatches out there, with Apple’s devices being the obvious exception, you should be able to charge almost any other device.

What Samsung has done here isn’t something new. At CES earlier this year Huawei unveiled its Ascend Mate II smartphone which also has the capability to charge other devices, putting its 4,050mAh battery to good use. Samsung’s position as the world’s largest smartphone vendor will certainly mean there will be quite a lot of people rocking this Power Sharing cable.

Apart from the cable the new Power Sharing app will be required on the “host” device before it transfer power. Only the host device will be able to select how much power will be transferred and for how long. The Samsung Power Sharing cable costs $19.99 and is available right now from the company’s online store.

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