selmaWherever the nose goes, the dog follows – that is a given. Not only that, we all know that dogs’ noses are extremely sensitive – so much so there has been efforts made to ensure that they could help out in the detection of cancer cells. In the past, we have also read about Thoreau who can sniff out USB sticks, and here we are with Thoreau’s counterpart – Selma the labrador, who is in the service of the FBI.

Selma has been specially trained to sniff out chemicals that are found in electronic devices, and she came to be in such a position after dropping out of New York’s Guiding Eyes for the Blind program. Selma is an important component in the battle against child pornography, and she has so far been involved in over 50 search warrants as she worked alongside the FBI.

Apparently, a single common chemical found in circuit boards, hard disks and flash drives are what these dogs have been trained to sniff out. We do hope that these dogs will be able to have a long life while serving the authorities well, and that they will be well treated to boot. Hopefully when they retire from active service, they can find a good home to stay in.

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