pepper-saleSoftBank of Japan, a company that most people would associate with mobile phone services, has announced that they have worked on a plan to sell their very own robot known as “Pepper” over in the U.S. within a year’s time. Pepper happens to be a robot that stands at 1.2 meters in height, where it is capable of cracking a joke by pulling it out from its digital archives, while making an estimate on how the human it is interacting with at the moment is feeling based on one’s expressions.

First of all, the Pepper robot will go on sale in Japan next February with a price tag of $1,900, where it will soon be followed by a release in the U.S. later in the same year itself. SoftBank claims that they have already received between 300 and 400 inquiries about Pepper from a wide range of companies including those in the finance, food service and education sectors.

SoftBank is rather optimistic about the kind of sales figures that the Pepper robot will be able to generate, where they expect the sales load to be spread equally between corporations and home owners. Pepper will come with a laser sensor and a battery life of up to 12 hours.

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