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Robot Programed To Conduct Buddhist Funeral Rites
There’s a growing concern that robots will eventually replace humans. Many industrial jobs have already been lost due to the advancement of robotic technology and it seems that robots might end up replacing humans for administering funeral rites as well. A Japanese company has programed SoftBank’s Pepper humanoid robot to perform Buddhist funeral rites.

SoftBank’s Pepper Robot To Make Its Way To Taiwan
Are robots the future? Given the advancements in AI, we don’t see why not. In fact Japanese company SoftBank has been making some strides in the robotics department with its Pepper robot that has been making its way around the world to countries such as France and the US, just to name a few.

Pepper Robot Enrols In School
The Pepper Robot is a fast selling piece of modern wonder, and this is not surprising considering how it has been used to try to sell a coffee machine to passers-by in the past. Well, the Pepper Robot has started to make waves in the headlines again, by being the first robot in the world to enroll in high school over in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Pepper Robot Serves Customers At Softbank Store
Are you all right if there is no human touch whenever you are out shopping, or you prefer to be left alone by the salespeople and approach them only if you have to? Perhaps distancing yourself from other homo sapiens might be your style, and if that is the case, then you would surely enjoy spending time over at the Softbank store in Japan. This is because the latest Softbank […]


Softbank’s Pepper Robot Makes Its Way To France
Some of you guys might recall that in 2014, Softbank Japan launched a robot called Pepper.  The robot then went on sale in Japan this year where apparently it was so popular that it managed to sell out in a minute with 1,000 units of its initial batch finishing in a blink of the eye, and now it looks like the robot has made its way to France.According to a […]

Enterprise Pepper Robot Can Be Rented For $440 Monthly
Business is all about opportunity cost – most businesses would like to own their premises, but reality dictates that rental is the way to go until one makes such a huge profit and finds a suitable seller. Having said that, one’s business would also need to make adequate profit to cover the costs of operation – rental include. Hence, it is not surprising to hear that renting a robot might […]

Pepper Robot Sells Out In A Minute
About a year back SoftBank unveiled its new emotion sensing robot called Pepper, over the year we have heard more about the robot’s features and capabilities and the most recent update from the company told us when it would go on sale. SoftBank is done with the initial run and it has turned out to be a hit because it didn’t take more than a minute for Pepper to be […]

Emotion Sensing Robot Called Pepper Goes On Sale In Japan This Week
Japan’s SoftBank has created an emotion sensing robot called Pepper which it is going to sell starting this week, the company only has plans to build 1,000 units of its humanoid robot in the first production run and depending upon the response that it gets it may or may not decide to produce additional units. Pepper will first go on sale in Japan before it’s made available in other countries […]

Kid-Friendly Pepper Robot Tries To Sell you A Nescafe Coffee Machine
Softbank’s Pepper robot has more than meets the eye – as this particular robot looks set to do a whole lot more than just chat up customers to their brick and mortar stores. Apparently, the Pepper robot that will retail for approximately $2,000 thereabouts from next year onward, is set to assist in the sales of coffee machines – particularly the ones from Nescafe, and it would do so in […]

Nestlé Uses Pepper The Robot As A Salesperson
Robots do seem to be all over the news these days, as they continue in their quest to help out humanity with a various number of chores and work, including making your regular morning cup of joe. Having said that, Nestle is not a brand that one would connect the dots to see it involved in the world of technology, apart from Android 4.4 KitKat, but here they are with […]

SoftBank’s Pepper Robot To Go On Sale In The U.S.
SoftBank of Japan, a company that most people would associate with mobile phone services, has announced that they have worked on a plan to sell their very own robot known as “Pepper” over in the U.S. within a year’s time. Pepper happens to be a robot that stands at 1.2 meters in height, where it is capable of cracking a joke by pulling it out from its digital archives, while […]