strati3D printing has definitely come a long way ever since it was introduced, and with but a single push of a button, it looks as though the motor industry is also about to experience a revolution. Entrepreneurs have taken a major step when it comes to making 3D printed electric cars a reality. What you see above happens to be known as the Strati, and according to its inventors, this is the first 3D printed electric car in the world, thanks to the efforts from the folks over at Local Motors.

The Strati is no ordinary four wheeler, since it does not simply come off an assembly line, but rather, it has been “printed” out of a combination of carbon fiber and plastic, making use of a giant 3D printer.

As for the remaining bits and pieces such as its glass windows, headlights, motor and battery, those were added on at a later time. According to the creators of Strati, it required a mere 44 hours to come up with this ride, and the entire vehicle made use of less than 50 parts. However, as “fast” as it might look due to its sleek lines, it is not going to burn rubber or tear up the asphalt in any way, since it is capable of hitting approximately 40 miles per hour, tops. This is not the first 3D printed car, however, as there were predecessors in the form of the Urbee among others.

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