swatch watchWatches have been around for centuries and have evolved over the years in terms of its mechanism and its design. With the entrance of smartwatches, tech companies are hoping that their new wearables will pave the way for a new standard. Of course there are some who believe that regular watches will remain separate from smartwatches.

After all not everyone needs to be connected all the time, right? However there are some who believe that this could be the future, such as Elmar Mock who was the co-inventor of the Swatch watch. In a recent interview, Mock seems to think that smartwatches could be the future and that Swiss watchmakers should pay more attention.

Speaking about the Apple Watch, Mock seems to think that the device is the most attractive of the bunch so far. “The Apple Watch is by far the most attractive of the smartwatches.  I would definitely wear it. Don’t forget that the early smartphones did not immediately replace conventional mobile phones.”

He also seems to agree with Jony Ive’s alleged statement in which Ive claims that Swiss watchmakers are in trouble. In fact he seems to think that Swiss watchmakers have sort of lost the wrist war already when they underestimated the competition from Japanese quartz watches, claiming that only 1 in 200 watches produced are Swiss watches.

However as far as watch aficionados are concerned, Swiss watches will always have a special place, but will this be enough to keep the Swiss watch industry alive? We guess only time will tell, but what do you guys think? Are smartwatches poised to overthrow the watch industry? Or do you believe that both sides can co-exist peacefully?

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