starbucks appThe Starbucks app for mobile devices allows users to pay for their coffee using their phones. It’s convenient and it’s pretty straightforward, but it seems that the Starbucks app could be getting a little bit more functionality thanks to its recent update which sees the Uber service being integrated into it.

What does this mean for the Starbucks user? Well now if you wanted to get yourself a hot cup of Joe, or maybe an ice cold drink but you don’t have any form of transportation, you can just fire up the Starbucks app, press the Uber button, and it should be able to find you a Uber car that will be able to drive you to your nearest Starbucks, or a branch that you’d like to visit.

However the app does point out that you would have to have the Uber app installed on your phone already and that the service will only work in places where Uber is available, so if you’re living in Germany we guess you’d be out of luck. That being said it does seem a little frivolous and a tad expensive just to get a cup of coffee.

Then again at the same time, it could be a great idea for tourists visiting cities where Uber is available and they want to get to a Starbucks after a long day of sightseeing or shopping to unwind. It’s not a bad idea although we’ll have to wonder if it will be a popular feature, but what say you? Is this a good idea?

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