Cable companies need to buckle up as they will be competing against multiple internet TV services by next year. We reported yesterday that Sony’s internet TV service is progressing as per plan and to bolster its content offering Sony has signed a landmark deal with Viacom. Verizon is developing a similar service and its CEO has confirmed the launch for mid-2015.

When the Verizon internet TV service finally launches subscribers will be able to get a programming bundle that includes the four big networks namely CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC. CEO Lowell McAdam also hinted at some “very exciting” bit of programming that’s targeted at millennials, DreamWorks Animation’s AwesomenessTV will play a part in that.

McAdam did confirm that Verizon is talking to big content providers, even those that previously thought that internet TV services will strip them of revenues they earn through cable and satellite subscribers even if those subscribers don’t necessarily want to watch their channels.

The model that internet TV services are trying to push revolves around customized channels with a la carte pricing, “no one wants to have 300 channels on your wireless,” McAdam says. Its all about getting those cord cutters onboard.

Verizon’s internet TV service came on the scene after Intel dumped its plans and sold the entire division to Big Red. Intel’s decision to abandon this space was apparently due to its struggles with attracting the sort of content that subscribers would probably want to see and pay for.

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