The first DLC for Ubisoft’s popular title Watch Dogs has been detailed today. Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC will be released later this month. Ubisoft took the time out today to reveal some details about this expansion pack on its official blog. Gamers will not play as the game’s main character Aiden Pearce in this DLC, instead they will assume the role of Raymond Kenney aka T-Bone.

The Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC is bound to keep gamers occupied for a decent amount of time as it brings a full story campaign that includes 10 new missions scattered throughout the game’s open-world Chicago. T-Bone will be taking center stage because of his character’s position in the story and the gameplay as opposed to other characters like Jordi or Clara.

Ethan Petty, scriptwriter on this game, said that this choice was made keeping in mind the three core elements of the Watch Dogs experience which are hacking, shooting and driving. T-Bone will be accompanied by Eugene. A supporting character, Eugene is a remote-controlled mini-car that has many cool gadgets.

Armed security cameras are unique to the DLC. They’re basically security cameras with remote-controlled guns. Playing as T-Bone, gamers can hack into these armed security cameras and fire on enemies without leaving a trace.

Those who have purchased a Watch Dogs season pass will be able to download the Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC on September 23rd. The rest will have to wait until September 30th.

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