windows10Microsoft decided to skip the numeral “9” for reasons that are only known to them as they introduced Microsoft Windows 10 earlier this morning, and with this spanking new operating system that is tipped to arrive some time next year, one will definitely be able to enjoy a slew of whole new features. As for the system requirements, will this brand new operating system require more from your current generation computers compared to Windows 8? After all, that does seem to be the natural progression for many a software life cycle. Apparently, that does not seem to be the case as there are indications that Microsoft might just buck the trend.


A tweet by Frank Shaw, who happens to be lead communications for Microsoft, did mention that the hardware specifications for Windows 10 will be the same as that of Windows 8. I suppose that ought to clear up one thing – this should not hold people off from purchasing a Windows computer at this point in time, since the hardware requirements are the same, so when Windows 10 comes out, you can right away perform an upgrade without having to worry too much about it, don’t you think so? Corporations too, can heave a huge sigh of relief since not having to upgrade hardware just to accommodate a new operating system is definitely a cause for celebration since the company can save even more money.

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