youtube donateWhen it comes to making money from YouTube, there are ads in which a portion of it will be given to the video’s creators. However unless you’re in that top 5% of YouTube video creators, there is a good chance that whatever you make from those ads are barely enough to survive.


However a few months ago, Google announced that they would be introducing new tools to YouTube creators that would allow them to solicit donations from their videos. This would allow another source of income for these video creators. Android Police are reporting that the feature is now live and are detailing how it works.

Basically video creators will now be able to enable the donations option. When it is, hovering your mouse over the video will display an icon in the top left corner. Clicking it will reveal another window in which users can then proceed to decide just how much they plan on donating to the YouTuber, which you can see in the screenshot above.

Interestingly enough it seems that the donate feature has extend to the mobile YouTube app as well, so video watchers will be able to donate from their phones or their computers. Unsurprisingly YouTube will be taking a cut of the donation in the form of 5% plus 21 cents, although the latter amount will differ from country to country. For example in Japan it is ¥22 which roughly works out to 21 cents.

As it stands the feature is only live in the US, Japan, Australia, and Mexico, although Google is expected to enable the feature for other markets down the road.

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