macbook-pro-15-retina-17Earlier this year 2011 MacBook Pro owners launched a petition to get Apple to address the GPU issues found on their computers. This was a big deal simply because Apple had remained mum on the issue without actually acknowledging it, which we can be sure frustrated owners of the laptop to no end.

The issue in question was related to the AMD GPUs in the laptops and where users reported crashes and graphics failures. That being said, it seems that owners have had enough and a class-action lawsuit filed by Whitfield, Bryson & Mason on behalf of the owners has been served to Apple.

The lawsuit will cover residents living in both California and Florida who might have purchased a 2011 MacBook Pro laptop with an AMD GPU on board. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the plaintiffs Zachary Book, Donald Cowart, and John Manners. The lawsuit also appears to be seeking damages from Apple, claiming that owners had to fork out their own money for repairs that cost anywhere between $350-$600.

While the lawsuit is initially limited to California and Florida, the law firm is investigating other cases of MacBook Pro failures across the country and has also created a survey for MacBook Pro owners who might have had hardware issues with their laptops as well.

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