ferrari fbWith the rise of social media as a means for companies to reach out to their customers and communicate with them in new and more engaging ways, it is understandable that some companies and brands are eager to protect their name. It’s like with cyber squatting with people purchase domain names for brands and resell them to the company for high prices.

That being said, it seems that sports car manufacturer Ferrari has recently been hit with a lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, a father and son claim that Facebook and Ferrari had taken control of their Facebook page, which was previously a Facebook page setup by both father and son to express their love for the Ferrari brand.

Ferrari had initially approached the father and son team and offered to make the page an official page in which the father and son team could help collaborate with them on it, and together with Ferrari’s help, it saw the page grew to a whopping 9 million fans in 2012. However the father and son allege that Ferrari has since breached their initial contract with them with Facebook’s help.

The lawsuit writes, “Ferrari wanted it. So, with Facebook’s knowledge and substantial assistance, Ferrari took it, and they have both profited from what the Wasems created.” It also states that the Wasems are asking to be reinstated as co-administrators of the Facebook page, a declaration that the Wasems are indeed the owner of the Facebook page that they created, along with damages which they believe they are entitled to based on the amount of exposure Ferrari has gained due to the Facebook page.

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