foxconn-suicideIf you weren’t quick on the draw and pre-ordered an iPhone 6 Plus when it was first announced, chances are you will be hard pressed to find the handset in stock at Apple’s retail stores or even third-party authorized retailers. We have also heard the reports that Apple has once again readjusted their production to help meet the demand.


Well according to a new rumor, it seems that one of the ways Apple is trying to ramp up production is by offering financial incentives to its partners, such as Foxconn. As it stands, Foxconn stands to make about $20 per iPhone 6 Plus they make and send to Apple. However to help speed things along, Apple is said to have bumped their rates up to $24-25 per iPhone 6 Plus.

Given the millions upon millions of iPhone 6 handsets sold by Apple, not to mention there are still markets that Apple has yet to launch in, safe to say that Foxconn could stand to make a lot of money, if the rumors are true of course. The increase in the rates is also expected to boost Foxconn’s revenues for the fourth quarter.

The new rates will not be permanent as they are said to revert back to the $20 rate once things start to balance. Does this mean we can expect more iPhone 6 Plus shipments in the future? For the sake of would-be customers, we can only hope so.

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