fujitsu-gaze-tracker-1[CEATEC 2014] SME (Small Medium Enterprises) know the power of advertising that could help drive customers to your business, drawing them away from rivals as you offer something more. Fujitsu has come up with a Gaze Tracking Technology that will be able to assist physical stores with their product placement, and as the name of this technology suggests, this is made possible thanks to the device figuring out just how many times a pair of eyeballs has looked in the general direction of a particular product. As part of its demonstration, Fujitsu set up a mock wine stall, and it seemed as though most of the eyeballs looked in the direction of the cheapest bottle of wine available – it seems as though everyone would want to have a good bargain!

This Gaze Tracking Technology would then provide store owners with the added advantage of knowing where customers look at whenever they step into a store, and playing a psychological game, they will be able to strategically place the right kind of products at places where people would look at the most. The sensor used is small an unobtrusive in its nature – measuring a mere 6cm long, making it look like some sort of miniaturized Wii sensor. An infrared camera will be used to calculate the positional relationship of the reference point and moving point (the corneal reflection and pupil) before providing the relevant feedback.

It can be embedded in digital signages, kiosk terminals, and even ATMs, and other practical implications and considerations for such Gaze Tracking Technology would be to have it prevent any incidences of oversight, or to offer operational support, as well as research and consulting purposes.

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