fujitsu-vehicle-ict-1[CEATEC 2014] They say never to reinvent the wheel, which is a good idea since I would not like to drive around on square-shaped wheels for sure. Having said that, what other aspects of a car could change to make our lives easier and safer while we are on the road? Plenty, it seems, and Fujitsu looks to have scratched the tip of the surface with their Vehicle ICT idea. The Fujitsu Vehicle ICT system will take advantage of the company’s unique sensing and security technologies while establishing a bi-directional connection between the vehicle’s internal and external environments, offering safety, comfort and environmental performance that next generation vehicles ought to boast of.

For starters, there will be no more wing mirrors to make the entire car more aerodynamic. How you are going to take a look at what is going on on both sides of your vehicle will be achieved through the two special cameras located at where the side mirrors used to be, delivering what the cameras “see” to screens in the car itself. The rear view mirror would also be enhanced with a camera at the back of your vehicle, ensuring you have a clearer look at all the previously known blind spots.

There will be an in-vehicle server which will have the intention of improving efficiency while you are on the road, as the in-vehicle server will link up to the cloud in order to obtain traffic condition information as well as being able to send emergency reports via select channels. With cloud services supported through wireless connectivity, both driver and passengers will be able to gain access to a slew of infotainment as well. This calls for a need to have a really fast and stable networking infrastructure if it were to work well across an entire nation.

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