google-inbox-invite-ebayDo you remember how it felt like to be on Gmail all those years ago, having received a precious invite from a friend? Well, it seems that Google’s latest service, known as Google Inbox, has generated a far higher level of interest from the masses, not to mention the number of invites happen to be a whole lot more scarce than what Gmail offered all those years ago. The number of Google Inbox users happen to be a whole lot less, and they are only able to dish out three invitations at most each round. This has resulted in online congregations, so to speak, to be inundated with people asking – or even begging if you would want to put it in a more direct manner, for invitations.


Money does make the world go round, and in this case, it could be used as a bargaining chip of sorts when it comes to receiving Google Inbox invites. Some folks have seized the situation of the day to make a quick buck out of the proceedings, with dozens of invites now appearing on eBay, where what is essentially free in nature will now range from $10.50 onwards, all the way to a whopping $205.00 – inclusive of shipping, ha ha!

Will we see a blowout at the end of it? Well, it is interesting to see the amount of hype generated concerning an exclusive Google product, and whether there will be enough momentum to see it rally through to the coming weeks and months ahead remains to be seen. Would you pay for a Google Inbox invite?

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