google-logo-2011-10-25It is safe to say that many tech companies out there are interested in artificial intelligence. For example in video games where developers are making your computer opponent smarter than before and able to react to your actions/choices a lot better, as opposed to merely following a set of rules or a script.

Well Google is one such company who is looking to expand on artificial intelligence. According to a recent post by Google Europe, they have revealed that the company will be expanding on their artificial intelligence efforts by teaming up with the Oxford University in the UK. Their efforts will be towards better image recognition and natural language processing.

The idea is to help advance their efforts at a much faster rate compared to if they were doing it alone. Interestingly enough this will involve DeepMind, a company which Google had acquired earlier this year which is an artificial intelligence startup. Google has also brought seven additional members on board the DeepMind team, some of whom are experts in the deep learning field of study.

Google has also stated that they will be making a substantial contribution to establish a research partnership with the Computer Science Department and Engineering Department at Oxford University. This will include student internships, joint lectures, and workshops.

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