project bigtop (2)We know that some of you guys out there have trouble managing your email’s inbox simply because you have too many emails and not enough time to reply and address all of them. That seems fair. There are also apps out there that aim to help you manage your inbox, such as Mailbox which promotes the idea of having an empty inbox.


Well it looks like Google could be planning something similar of their own. According to the folks at Android Police, Google has been working on a project called Project Bigtop and it basically sounds a lot like Mailbox and what it is trying to achieve for the user, which is essentially “inbox zero”.

According to their report, it is expected that Project Bigtop will be part of Gmail’s features, so presumably this will be an update that Google will be introducing at a later date. It will allow users to categorize their emails, pinning them, snoozing them for reminders later, and marking them as done which essentially sends the email to the archives, thus keeping your inbox clutter-free for emails later.

Interestingly enough as pointed out by Android Police, there seems to be a lack of Google branding in the screenshots. This either suggests that it might still be in its very early stages, or Google is planning on launching Project Bigtop as a separate product outside the Google ecosystem entirely, which could then appeal to third-party email services.

Unfortunately there is no telling if and when Project Bigtop will go live, if it goes live at all, but it does sound like quite an ambitious project especially given just how many people rely on Gmail these days, but until we hear otherwise, do take it with a grain of salt for now.

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