ibm-ebolaThe battle of humanity against the scourge known as Ebola rages on, and it is extremely encouraging to see different facets rise up and make a stand. IBM will make their contribution in the form of their super-computing data crunching capabilities over in Sierra Leone, where this particular system would enable citizens to make reports of Ebola-related issues. Apart from that, the government, health agencies and other people too, will be able to keep track of the disease.

Citizens can utilize SMS as well as voice calls in order to perform those reports that will be location-specific. All collected data will then undergo an analysis, before it identifies correlations and highlight issues. Right now, regions with growing numbers of suspected Ebola cases have already been narrowed down, and this has helped in the delivery of urgent supplies including the likes of soap and electricity.

Dr Uyi Stewart, chief scientist of IBM Research in Africa, shared, “We saw the need to quickly develop a system to enable communities directly affected by Ebola to provide valuable insight about how to fight it. Using mobile technology, we have given them a voice and a channel to communicate their experiences directly to the government.”

Of course, humankind too, will be assisted by the possibility of robots intervening as reported earlier this week.

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