ipad uiEver since Apple introduced the third-gen iPad, they have kept the resolution more or less the same over the past few generations, including latest iPad Air. With no one really complaining about the resolution or sharpness, does Apple need to change it? Well it seems that the Cupertino company could be at the very least toying with the idea.

Thanks to more digging within the iOS 8.1 files, it has been discovered by developer Hamza Sood that there were image files that were 3x versions of the iPad’s UI. Given that the new iPhone 6 Plus had to use triple-sized elements to maintain its Retina status, it would seem to hint that Apple’s iPad announcement next week could unveil a potentially new resolution.

It’s interesting to note because according to the rumors we’ve heard so far, there has been no mention of a higher resolution. We have heard the rumors of a possible increase in the RAM from 1GB to 2GB, and also the inclusion of Touch ID which will help to facilitate Apple Pay payments, but no mention of a higher resolution display.

Of course it is possible that just because these elements exist in iOS 8.1 doesn’t mean that Apple will actually use them. They could have been placed there for testing purposes for all we know, or if we want to take a shot in the dark, perhaps these UI elements could be used for the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but what say you?

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