Soon after the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were launched #bendgate became a global phenomenon. A small number of users complained about their iPhone 6 Plus units bending when they were carried around in tight jeans. Videos popped up online in which people tried bending their units, some even went inside an Apple Store to try it on the store’s units. Naturally when the new iPads were unveiled it was only a matter of time before someone tried to replicate #bendgate with the new tablets, and the results might not be what you’d expect.

The video attached to this post shows an iPad Air 2 not only being bent but being snapped in half using two bare hands. But don’t worry that this will happen to your iPad Air 2, and neither should this video deter you from purchasing Apple’s latest tablet.

The iPhone 6 Plus bending issue was understandable because that could happen if it was carried in a tight jean and the user happened to sit on the device in such a position that caused it to bend a little. The iPad Air 2 won’t even fit inside your pocket so there’s no chance of that happening.

Moreover we can clearly see in the video that the chap is having to apply quite a bit of force to achieve the desired result and it is highly unlikely that a user will put that kind of force on an iPad Air 2 during normal usage.

Nevertheless, it makes for an interesting watch, a perfectly fine iPad Air 2 being destroyed to prove a point.

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