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iPad Air 2 Replacements For iPad 4 During Service Not A Universal Policy
It has been reported recently that if someone who owns an iPad 4 sends it in for a service or repair, they will be given an iPad Air 2 as a replacement device until their tablet returns. The report suggested that this was due to low stock of the iPad 4 which has been discontinued which was why Apple would replace units in for service or repair with an iPad […]

T-Mobile Adds iPad Air 2 And iPad Mini 4 To Easy Upgrade Plan
Magenta has been selling the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 for quite some time but today it has announced that both tablets can now be purchased on its JUMP! On Demand program, the tablets can be purchased on this program now in addition to the 24 month equipment installment plan that has been in place for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 ever since the tablets […]

iPad Mini 4 Comes In At $399 As Apple Shakes Up iPad Lineup
Apple has shaken up its iPad lineup quite a bit today, you won’t be pleased if you were waiting for an iPad Air 3 because Apple didn’t announce one day. Instead the company unveiled the much rumored iPad Pro which also happens to be the biggest, most capable and most powerful tablet the company has ever created. The company did refresh iPad mini though, it’s called the iPad mini 4 and […]

iPad Mini 4 Could Have Same Specifications As iPad Air 2
In just a couple of months Apple will be launching new products, first the new iPhones will come in September followed by the new iPads in October. There’s already a lot of speculation about Apple shaking up its tablet lineup this year with some even saying that it will skip an update for the iPad Air 2 to focus the spotlight on an all new iPad Pro. While that remains to […]


Refurbished iPad Air 2 Now Available From Apple
It has been over eight months since Apple released the iPad Air 2. Despite declining global tablet shipments the company’s flagship tablet has continued to outpace its rivals in the market. The iPad Air 2 is an evolutionary update over its predecessor with a thinner profile and improved specification. Apple is now finally selling refurbished iPad Air 2 units through its website.

T-Mobile Shaves Off $100 From The iPad For Mother's Day
Nothing comes quite as close as a brand new iPad Air 2 to profess your affection for your mother, does it? That’s what T-Mobile believes anyway. Magenta has kicked off a new promotion in time for Mother’s Day, customers can pick up Apple’s tablet for $100 off the regular price. Since this is a limited time offer customers who find themselves interested in this promotion better not waste any time in […]

Alleged iPad Pro Case Compared To iPad Air 2
Just last week we saw photos of alleged iPad Pro cases make their way online. Unfortunately the photos don’t really give us a clue as to how big the tablet will be compared to the regular iPad, but thanks to, they have managed to get their hands on more photos which compares the iPad Pro to that of the iPad Air 2, and boy the difference is pretty telling.Now […]

iPad Air 2 Given Out To UK MPs
It looks as though the iPad Air 2 has gotten its fair share of spotlight over in the UK, where all 650 Members of Parliament (MPs) in the UK House of Commons will be on the receiving end of this particular tablet after the general election that is set to happen later this May. It is said that approximately 209 of the governing body’s members already own an iPad, but […]

China Telecom And China Unicom To Start Selling Cellular iPad Models
 Two of the largest mobile carriers in China announced today that for the first time they will start selling cellular models of the iPad. China Telecom and China Unicom will be selling cellular models of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Previously the carriers have sold Wi-Fi only models exclusively. The models they will sell come up support for TD-LTE and FDD-LTE standards so these models will be […]

Apple Rumored To Refresh iPad Mini With A8 Processor
It has only been a few months since Apple’s iPad event last year which brought us the iPad Air 2. At the event the company also unveiled a refreshed iPad mini but people with largely disappointed with the changes, or lack thereof, that Apple had made. This is the reason why rumors are now circulating that the company could introduce a refreshed “iPad mini 4” in the near future which […]

Upcoming Modern Family Episode To Be Shot Entirely On Apple Devices
When watching TV shows or movies, seeing someone use a branded product like an Apple computer or a Microsoft Surface tablet is pretty common, but to film an entire episode using just one brand’s products? That would be pretty unique, and for those who are fans of ABC’s Modern Family, the upcoming episode looks like it will be filmed entirely on Apple’s devices.The upcoming episode will see Claire Dunphy, the […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Looks Set To Be iPad Air 2 Rival
Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal, Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan, Barcelona vs Real Madrid, George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali – there are so many great rivalries in the world of sport, and that certainly adds a whole lot of excitement when we watch legends of the sport square up against one another. Having said that, the world of tech is not immune from such rivalry, too – which can […]

iPad Air Plus Rumored For Mid-2015 Release
For a few months now it has been rumored that Apple is working on a significantly larger tablet. We didn’t hear anything about it at the company’s October event for new iPads, probably because prior to the event it was reported that this tablet has been pushed into 2015. A new report coming out of Japan suggests that this iPad Air Plus is going to hit the market by mid-2015.

iPad Air 2 Gets A Golden Touch
The iPad Air 2 is definitely not a cheap tablet at all, as this happens to be the thinnest tablet on the planet – which will also warrant a relatively higher price point compared to other tablet models out there in the market. Having said that, this particular iOS-powered device will also come with 2GB RAM, and since it is already rather exclusive for a tablet in its class, how […]