There is nothing quite like a cool slow motion shot when you see something breaking, as it captures all of the exact detail that could look like a work of art. While we have seen an iPad Air 2 go up against an Airsoft Rifle, the folks over at RatedRR wanted to see how a foregone conclusion of the brand new Apple iPad Mini 3 would look like should it go up against some serious abuse – and by that, I am referring to it standing up to a shot from a Barrett M82A1 50-caliber sniper round.

Needless to say, while the iPad Mini 3 from Apple did just fine in a potential bend test, after placing it into a pocket of a pair of jeans, without suffering from any kind of bends whatsoever, it also managed to pass the dunk test, too. As for it coming up against the Barrett M82A1 50-caliber sniper round, needless to say, it was nothing but total destruction for the iPad Mini 3, just like what happened to its recently released larger sibling, the iPad Air 2. What do you think the ultimate objective for such a website is for, and why do people continue to check it out? I personally see it as a form of art, although it can be rather costly to come up with the entire setup.

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