iPhone-6-review-5The iPhone 6 Plus is one of two iPhone handsets Apple launched last month. It is also the largest model Apple has ever offered to date with a Full HD display with a screen size at 5.5-inches. Unfortunately it also seems to be the iPhone with the largest amount of problems. We had heard about Bendgate and now according to new reports, it seems that the iPhone 6 Plus is experiencing a lot of crashes.

There have been multiple posts on Apple’s Support Communities forum in which users are complaining that their iPhone 6 Plus is constantly crashing on them. In some cases, some users have been unfortunate enough to have their phones stuck in a reboot loop which meant that they had to bring it back to the Apple Store to get it fixed.

While it has yet to be determine what exactly causes the crash, it was found that most of the people reporting crashes are owners of the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus model. These users are also found to have more than 700 apps installed on their phones with the crashes occurring without user interactions.

Some users have successfully taken their phones back to an Apple Store for a replacement, while others are told to wait as their repair ticket is being escalated. Apple has yet to comment or acknowledge the issue on hand, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled nonetheless. In the meantime any 128GB iPhone 6 Plus owners out there experiencing these crashes themselves?

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