kyocera-duo-2[CEATEC 2014] When it comes to the world of smartwatches, the list of available models might not be as comprehensive as that of the smartphone world, but you can be sure that it is growing to hit the stage where it is dime a dozen, so to speak. While the recent Apple Watch might have stirred up a fair amount of interest despite the fact that we still have no idea on what kind of battery life it offers, alongside the sleek looking Moto 360 from Motorola, it seems that there is a growing market and demand for such timepieces in the information age, although you can be sure that due to the relatively high cost of entry, it will remain confined to developed countries as well as those who are pretty well do to. Kyocera has shown off their Kyocera Duo smartwatch behind a plexiglass panel that does look like a more rugged version of the Moto 360.

While I am quite sure that by the time this concept makes it to the real world markets, it will arrive in more than just orange and purple color choices, taking into consdiration the diversity of the numerous gadget lovers out there. The Kyocera Duo will sport a bezel user interface – which means you control everything through your finger or thumb in a clockwise and anti-clockwise manner, and then make a selection by tapping on the corresponding area on the display itself.

Since Kyocera has expertise in terms of tough and rugged devices, ala the Kyocera Brigadier that we talked about earlier this morning, why not bring over such capabilities to the realm of smartwatches as well? This means the Kyocera Duo is dust-proof as well as water-proof, and it is also shock resistant – which means you need not fret dropping it on the floor.

It can be mounted onto a bicycle as well to take advantage of the integrated sensors, such as an accelerometer and internal GPS chipset so that you can map out your daily movements and exercise regimes. As to when this particular concept will hit the market, only the good people at Kyocera would know.

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