minecraft-xboxoneeditionWith Minecraft being as popular as it is, we guess we can’t say we’re surprised that the game has spawned fanart, toys, collectibles, and according to a confirmation earlier this year, the game will be made into a movie as well. Now we’re sure some of you guys are wondering when you might be able to expect the movie.


Well the bad news is that it could be anywhere between 2-4 years, according to Mojang’s chief operating officer Vu Bui. Speaking to The Guardian, Bui was quoted as saying that he had no idea as to when the movie will come out. However he did venture a guess and stated that anywhere between 2-4 years would be a reasonable bet.

He also spoke a bit about the project and revealed that Mojang was approached by many studios offering to turn the game into a movie, but they ultimately decided to go with Warner Bros. because they thought that the studio respected the IP the most. According to Bui, “We don’t want any story that we make, whether it’s a movie or a book, to create some sort of ‘this is the official Minecraft, this is how you play the game’ thing.”

For those who play Minecraft or know about it, you know about the wondrous creations that players have come up with over the past few years, some of which merely use the game as a building block of sorts. These are the players that Mojang does not want to discourage if they were to slap a story to the game and claim that this is how the game was meant to be played.

Unfortunately not much else about the movie was shared, like whether it would be animated or live action, but Bui adds, “There really isn’t a clear picture yet of what this is going to be. Once there is, I’m sure we’ll share more.”

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