opti-myst-electric-fire-2[CEATEC 2014] For those of us who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, autumn might have just kicked in, and winter is about to arrive, so how about making sure your home is well equipped to meet Jack Frost when he arrives? Of course, it might be a wee bit crazy to actually turn on the heater during summer, or perhaps to set up a fireplace going then, but with the Opti-Myst Electric Fire, you can even have that kind of effect regardless of the season – simply because you can. The Opti-Myst Electric Fire is special in the sense where it will not burn – you can safely place your hand over the extremely realistic looking fire, and come out from it unscathed.


It sports the Opti-myst flame and smoke effect, and is a fully variable flame with smoke intensity control. The flame itself will be silent, which means one would miss out on the smell of certain kinds of nice smelling firewood, and so too will your ears miss out on the crackles that are part of tradition – but on the upside of things, this is a whole lot safer, and you can even use the Opti-myst effect independently of its heating function, making your home the toast of your family regardless of which season it is.


As for its heating costs, most folks would be concerned as to whether it will be expensive or not. That really depends on just where you live, as well as the kind of electric tariffs that you pay. Dimplex, the company behind this, claims that it might be cheaper than you think, since using the flame effect only option on the LED-fitted models will cost under £3 per year – at 5 hours each day. Since it requires little or no maintenance, you would also save more in the long run. Right here in Japan, it has a recommended retail price of 163,000 Yen, which translates to roughly $1,620 thereabouts.

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