os31-river-restaurantOS31, a British design firm, has managed to win the bid to construct a restaurant. However, what makes this hotly contested winning bid all the more interesting would be the location of this particular restaurant, since it is meant to be located in one of the coldest places worldwide. Those living in Manitoba, Canada, would know how it can be too cold to do anything outdoors during winter, but OS31 has been tasked to come up with a pop-up restaurant on a frozen river during winter. This is one of the most ambitious plans to date, and we would like to think that the success of setting up a proper building over a frozen river is an engineering feat worth applauding – and celebrated.

The whole idea for this pop-up restaurant on ice will be made reality thanks to the incorporation of scaffolding, which translates to easy setting up as well as removal. It will comprise of a couple of structures – one for the exterior, while there will be another for the interior, with one inside the other. The design from OS31 itself will chime in with the local landscape, where steel fixtures would make one think of a nearby bridge, not to mention a snow inspired interior. No idea on what will be offered on the menu when the restaurant opens this January, but do make a beeline for it before the ice melts.

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