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Next-Gen LG Phone Design Language Revealed
Even though LG’s V60 phone just came out, LG Mobile has something else coming, and it looks good – very good.

The SIX, Next-gen Carry-on by G-RO
We published about G-RO when the company launched its first very successful crowdfunding campaign in 2015 ($3.3M), to support the development of their intelligent luggage G-RO, a well-designed carry-on equipped with strong wheels, a 20,000 mAh battery and a tablet stand among many other cool features. 

NVIDIA AI-Assisted Ray-Tracing To Boost Creative Process
At SIGGRAPH 2017 NVIDIA is demonstrating its Artificial-Intelligence assisted rendering ray-tracing tool called OptiX (5.0) which the company claims can give NVIDIA’s DGX workstation a rendering capability equivalent to 150 CPU-based servers. Optix 5.0 could boost the productivity of graphic designers who use Ray-Tracing, and eventually, this tech might even trickle down to more cost-effective GPUs and software solutions.

OS31 Designs Restaurant On Frozen River
OS31, a British design firm, has managed to win the bid to construct a restaurant. However, what makes this hotly contested winning bid all the more interesting would be the location of this particular restaurant, since it is meant to be located in one of the coldest places worldwide. Those living in Manitoba, Canada, would know how it can be too cold to do anything outdoors during winter, but OS31 […]


The Rapid Packaging Container Could Be The Cardboard Box Of The Future
Ever had to move house or pack up your items in a box? It can be pretty frustrating as boxes can get pretty unwieldy, not to mention the amount of tape you’d have to put in order to properly secure it, and let’s not forget that boxes are made from cardboard which are in turn made from trees, meaning that assuming everyone recycles their boxes, these boxes tend to go […]

Ubergizmo's Digital Fall in San Francisco is Next Monday
On September 30th, Ubergizmo and Stained Glass Labs will host Digital Fall, a Tech Fashion Show that will feature wearable technology devices.Sponsored by Lenovo and produced by Y’Anad Burrell – Glass House Communications, the fashion show  will feature the following designers: Manic Designs by Rachel Riot, Roc Rio by Rickie Lee, Christina Morgan Cree and SENSOREE.Digital Fall will be the closing party of the GLAZED Conference, a 1-day conference dedicated to wearable technology where the world’s top tier investors, press, […]