facebook-payments-select-method_copy.0Say you’re out with friends and you didn’t bring your wallet, so your friends will pay for you first. However thanks to technology, you can quickly transfer them the funds you owe them via your banking app, PayPal, and now it looks like it could be done through Facebook as well. This is thanks to Stanford student Andrew Aude (via TechCrunch) who had discovered the hidden feature.

According to the screenshot and reports, it seems that Facebook could be thinking about introducing a payments system that could be done through the Messenger app. Apparently the feature is already included in the current version of the app, but it is hidden and not accessible to users.

Basically through the service, users will be able to send money to one another as simple as sending photos, which you can see in the screenshot above. The system reportedly only accepts debit cards at the moment due to the lower processing fees, and while there is no transaction fee at the moment, things could change at its launch.

There’s no telling when Facebook will be implementing these changes, but it could explain why Facebook has decided force its Messenger app onto all of its users. However it was also back in 2013 that there were rumors of Facebook planning a mobile payment service, and it looks like we could be close to seeing it launch.

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