Some high-end smartphones offer the ability to record video in 4K but you really can’t enjoy playback on the display of a mobile device. Qualcomm is working on something which will make it much easier to throw 4K video from a smartphone over to a TV. The company showed off a dongle which can do this at its industry event and apparently it hopes to offer this design to manufacturers who will hopefully build their own products on it, which would bring the ability to stream 4K video captured through phones onto a TV.

Qualcomm is initially approaching this with a very simple aim, allow people to stream 4K video they have recorded using their smartphones onto their TVs. Though the possibility exists that somewhere down the road the dongle may receive ability to stream 4K content from the likes of Netflix, which has already started streaming movies and TV shows in Ultra HD.

This dongle is based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor but doesn’t necessarily require users to have a smartphone that is powered by one of its own processors. Dongle uses Universal Plug and Play protocol and Qualcomm is working on software to make it compatible with popular media players like VLC and MXPlayer.

Qualcomm has vaguely confirmed that while this particular dongle was only for demonstration purposes, it is currently working with other manufacturers to deliver 4K video streaming from smartphones to TVs.

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