[CEATEC 2014] In June this year, we did make mention of Sharp’s Free Form Display – which has been described to be a new kind of technology which is based on IGZO technology that incidentally belongs to Sharp as well. These Free Form Displays were shown off in various types over on the CEATEC 2014 showfloor, where they all boasted of proprietary circuit design that helps to organize the gate drive power amplifier setup, making it look really nice, and for all practical intents and purposes, it does look as though vehicles would be the ones that will benefit from the Free Form Display first.

Sharp does have the high hopes of seeing the automotive industry bring the Free Form Display to a whole new level, and of course, who can forget about yet another emerging market – that of the smartwatch? After all, instead of relying on a mainly rectangular form factor, imagine having a nice round face like that of the Moto 360, or perhaps some even zanier looks if a harware manufacturer were to move in that particular direction.

Since June, it looks as though these Free Form Displays are still in the protototype stage, and there would be hopes of mass producing these in due time. Hopefully the yield would be high enough to justify mass market production, not to mention helping lower the entry cost which will in turn help create an explosion of devices that sport such displays.

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