sharp-ir-nv-camera-1[CEATEC 2014] When we talk about night vision, most of the time it will involve something that is just black and white, but where Sharp is concerned at this year’s CEATEC, they have certainly outdone themselves with the introduction of their new Sharp IR Color Night Vision Camera. As the name of this particular device suggests, the Sharp IR Color Night Vision Camera will be able to shoot in color – even when on is in pitch black darkness, now how about that? It does sound like an impossible feat actually, but then again, that is what technology is all about – breaking down old barriers and making sure that new frontiers are conquered along the way.

With the Sharp IR Color Night Vision Camera, it was a slight wait to get into the dark room at Sharp’s booth, where there will be an image in there which will be captured by the Sharp camera itself. The demonstration will then show off a real time comparison with the captured image that can be seen outside as well, where the entire “magic” happens thanks to the wavelength of the high intensity RGB that is found in the infrared region, when run through a specially developed color filter that is adapted to this purpose, will then result in a colored image – even when it is shot in the dark.

Samples of the new Sharp IR Color Night Vision Camera is tipped to ship before November 201 comes to a close. Looks like security systems will gain a valuable ally with this new night vision camera!

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