iPhone-6-review-4Traditionally Apple releases a new iPhone (or two) every year. The major updates to design and hardware are usually done in a two-year cycle, but in between Apple releases refreshed hardware and improvements. Some argue that perhaps the “S” series of iPhones are a better buy as they tend to be more “refined”.

That being said if you like the idea of being able to own a new iPhone every year, Sprint has the answer for you. The carrier has recently announced an update to their “iPhone For Life” plan. Previously customers were allowed to lease an iPhone and swap it after two-years, but with the new plan, Sprint customers will be allowed to get a new phone every year.

Unsurprisingly this new plan will cost more. Previously Sprint’s plan cost users about $20 a month, but the new plan will be priced at $30 instead just to lease the phone. Customers are also expected to sign up for Sprint’s plan for an additional $50 a month that will include unlimited talk, text, and data.

Sprint’s new “iPhone For Life” plan is expected to go live on the 14th of November and will see the iPhone 5s as one of the available lease options. If this sounds like the plan of your dreams, then you’ll want to get in touch with the carrier in the coming weeks.

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