It seems like the list of major U.S. retailers hit by security breaches just won’t stop growing. Merely a month after it was confirmed that Home Depot had seen a security breach which left payment card information compromised there’s a new report out today about Staples going through something similar. Staples itself has confirmed that it is currently investigating a “potential issue” at several locations in Northeastern U.S.

Today’s report comes from security expert Brian Krebs who was the first to report on the Target hack. That hack ended up compromising credit and debit card information of more than 110 million customers. Not long after the Target hack Neiman Marcus was hit as well. Both hacks were believed to be the work of the same team.

It is too early to say right now exactly how large the security breach at Staples is and how many customers may potentially be affected once their payment card information is dumped online. Krebs says that data has been stolen from “some subset of Staples locations,” which would hint that this breach may not be as widespread as the others.

Staples has said that it is currently investigating the potential issue and that it is in touch with law enforcement over the matter. Hopefully it will provide an update soon so that customers’ minds can rest at ease. In the meantime if you have used plastic at a Staples location it would be best to keep an eye on your card activity.

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