Respawn Entertainment today announced the release of the eighth update for Titanfall, and boy its a big one. It is actually the biggest update ever released for Titanfall, by Respawn’s own admission, and it brings a brand new co-operative game mode called Frontier Defense. In this mode players team up with three other players to defend an important objective from increasingly intense wave of AI foes.


As previously mentioned this is the biggest update yet for Titanfall so there’s obviously a lot that Respawn Entertainment has had to explain. But first, allow me to reveal what most of you must be anxious to find out, this update is rolling out right away through it may take between today and tomorrow to become available in all regions.

Apart from adding a new co-operative mode this update brings several fixes as well which will improve the overall gameplay. Several fixes particularly for online play are onboard as well.

New additions have been made to Titanfall as well. There’s a full screen minimap which can be brought up by pressing Right D-Pad or pressing the M key on PC. There are seven new Titan Insignias. Several changes have been made to existing modes as well.

The entire update is explained in detail on Respawn Entertainment’s official blog.

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